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MacTablet could hurt computing?

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Sounds like a ridiculous argument, because its a touch screen device form apple, its automagically just a big iphone and therefore will have to same restrictions, and those restrictions annoy me so allow me to use this unrelated point to launch a rant.


I doubt apple will be able to sell the tablet (except of course to people who laser etched the apple logo into their eyeballs so everything they look at can be an apple) if its not a fully functioning computer.


I haven't really looked at anything about the tablet, but I doubt that it will be anything other then a mac with a touch screen and no keyboard. Slower hardware then even the Air I'm sure (probably running the Atom like all the other netbooks are, which runs OS X pretty darn well.)


Assuming its a fully functioning computer (which I sincerely doubt it would be anything BUT, considering that other netbooks that are subsidized by data plans don't lock you down, and if it were locked down then thered be no real reason to get one over an iPhone) even though I already have a real mobile mac laptop, (and spent money I don't have buying batteries and a broken one to use as a battery charger so I can have nearly endless battery power) I'd consider getting one (with more money I don't have.)


Id actually thought about converting my Mini 9 into a tablet, since there are touch screen mods for it (and I have an extra top case and screen that i COULD potentially [although I have no mechanical ability] cut up and turn around the screen.)

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