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UK Mac OS X shortcuts on a none Apple (PC) keyboard.

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Lots of people these days have a Mac Mini and have chosen to buy only the base model without the optional Apple branded mouse and keyboard accessories.


Unfortunately the PC (Windows) keyboard layout makes some Apple short cut keys hard to find, especially for those of us here in the UK who have different symbols again for things such as the @ symbol and the € euros symbol on the 2 and 3 keys.


Here's my work around for that. It's a file you can download, extract and drop into your /library/keyboard layouts folder which puts the correct symbols on the correct keys, as per the layout of a standard IBM PC compatible keyboard.


You can get the file from here..




My second tip on a keyboard shortcut front is for dashboard and exposé on none standard Apple keyboards, though I assume it will also work with all types of layout.


If you hold down F9, F11 or F10, rather than release them as soon as you've pressed them, when you do release them the windows spring back to where they were. Ideal for a momentary "quick look" at your desktop or currently open windows.


My favorite though is if you hold down F12 for a second, rather then getting dashboard pop up you get the eject option to remove the current CD ROM from the drive. Ideal for none Apple layout keyboards which do not have a purpose made eject key.



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awesome. good work dude.




It also works if you have expose linked to the additional buttons on your none standard (none one button) Apple mouse (Microsoft IntelliMouse or Mighty Mouse).


This means you can hold the button down, navigate to the window you want and release.


Bish bash bosh, job's a good 'un

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