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Ron in KY

D-Link DI-624 problem maintaining conenction

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I have a D-Link DI-624wireless router hooked up to DSL, and the problem is and this only started happening more recently, is I have an iMac on wifi, and MacBook on wifi, and a MacMini that is next to router hard wired, and Windows 7 laptop running a weather computer that is pushing weather data out over ftp every minute, and that is on wifi.


The problem is all the mac's on wifi the internet will work for like 2 minutes or 3 minutes, and then I click a link and I get the loading page spinning thing in Safari, and nothing ever happens, but if I go to the wifi and turn off airport and turn it back on , and then hit reload, it works for a couple more minutes, because this happens on multiple macs, I don't think its the computers, But the windows machine has played happily from day one and has not been touched.


I almost suspect its something to do with the encryption WPA2 I think its called, cause I did a hard reset and my MacBook worked flawlessly, as open for a few hours, and even after I put WPA it seems fine but then it came back within a day later, I do have the latest firmware that was issued for this unit.

Is there a setting I have wrong in the router to make it Mac friendly? the router is getting old... If this the way they fail? if so would an airport express N make a inexpensive replacement? or am I better off with another brand ($100 max)


Thanks Ron

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Do you have a friend or relative who has a newish router that you could borrow for a couple of hours to try it out?


I had a problem similar to yours in that I got a new iMac and it wouldn't hold a connection to an old Linksys G router, while all the other wireless products in the house had absolutely no problems with connections. We bought a Time Capsule yesterday and (touch wood) the iMac is working fine now.

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