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Advanced AppleScript

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Hi Everyone,


We are a windows campus except for 50 macs in two labs that I manage. I have successfully bound them to our active directory server using directory utility.


On the windows machine, we have a script that runs at login to automount SMB network shares. From my network admin, I was able to obtain that script.


I was wondering how I could convert this script to an apple script so that when a student / faculty member logs onto a mac their credentials are checked against the AD server and then they are automapped based off of the AD server info.


For example, here is a small section of the script:


IF InGroup("GED Staff")

Use s: "\\GCC-FS1\GED$"

Use m: "\\GCC-ACT2\GED_MATH$



The InGroup section is the data information that is pulled from active directory users and computers to see which department they belong to. I'm not sure if this is possible to do on a mac but if you could offer any advice that would be awesome!


Thanks :)

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More info on the setup will be needed. Are the shares on an apple server? Are you running a golden triangle confg? How is the AD set up? With the OD extensions?

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