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Mail with Snow Leopard

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Just updated to 10.6.1 and since then, when I try and open Apple Mail, I get this message:



Does anybody have the same experience?

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Yeah I did Google, but nothing helpful and thank you for the thread, but it still hasn't resolve the problem.


My my Mail version, you are running an older version of Mail. I am running 10.6.1 and have Mail version 4.1. I would try doing some of the things suggested in the thread that haivu linked to. Open Mail from your Applications folder incase your Dock Icon was old or bad, I would also run Software Update to see if there is anything in there, and finally I would try to re-download the 10.6.1 Combo Update directly from Apple's Website link here - this should include the latest version of Mail (4.1 (1076)) and hopefully will fix your problem.


Hope this helps and good luck!


Apple Geek


P.S. Did you try clicking the "help button" like it suggests in the error dialog? Maybe that will give you some more information?


EDIT: Shoot! Forgot the link.

Edited by Apple Geek

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To Apple Geek: ah, the version number is a pretty good sign.


It's starting to sound like the problem is from my other thread (ref: 10.6.1 wants to reinstall) and the update never did installed (and I'm sure a did) and it did go through the motions...

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Reinstalled the update and now it's 10.6.1... fixed my Mail app problem (no wonder)


Thank you for your time. :D

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