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Christoph Gruber

Podcast Survey

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Hi everybody,


i am currently writing my Master Thesis at the University of Vienna, Austria. The topic is the change in media consuming habbits in the adven tof new mass media, and the main focus is on podcasts. Adam was kind enough to let me interview him for the view of the podcast producer but i need the consumers side too. If some of you could take the survey i have worked out it would really help me out, it's 16 questions long and completely anonymous.





Thank you,



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Huskermn    33

I completed it, Christopher.


Some of the questions are somewhat ambiguous. For instance, the question about Entertainment vs Entertainment and News. I am interested in both but since I am very interested in Entertainment, I had to rank both High and don't know what that does for the interpretation of the results.

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Thank you! I can see that the questions don't all make sense when viewed by the repsondent, but once i load all that stuff into a statistics program i can get the answers to my thesis questions - like "people whos time for media usage has increased since discovering podcasts are more interested in entertainment then news" and so on.


thanks again,



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