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iCal Invites Broken

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There is a big problem with iCal when inviting guests to an event - Responses are automatically sent to the first email of the contact instead of the one from which it was received.


I set up an event and invited my friend 'B' to it from my home Mac. When B replies to the invitation the email goes to my work email account (on a Windows machine). Because of this, the response is never noted in iCal. This makes the invite feature completely useless.


I've experimented with my friend and we think the problem is that iCal sends invitations from the host using the first email in the hosts Address Book vCard. Also the reply is sent to the first email B has for the host in their Address Book. Of course Address Book doesn't let you re-organize the order in which emails show up on a vCard so the only solution is to not include a business email for any of your Mac using friends. This hardly seems like an ideal situation.


I was experiencing the problem since Leopard. Before then I was able to invite friends without issue. Obviously something has changed. I was hoping Snow Leopard would fix it, but sadly it wasn't one of the hundreds of features Apple tweaked in the conversion. Yet, this is a basic function of a modern day Calendar and Address Book.


Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong or of a work around?



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