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Can't login after system locked up by screen saver

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This is the first time it happens to me. Last night, I switched the keyboard to Vietnamese language to chat, then I went to bed. Eventually, the screen saver kicked in, which requires me to type my user name/password to unlock.


I was dismay to see that the password does not take a vowel (specifically, the letter 'a', but I think any vowel will have the same problem). That means I cannot unlock my system. I know the key combination to switch the language between English and Vietnamese: I changed it to Ctrl+Option+Command+L, but that key combo does not seem to work at the login screen.


More information about the Vietnamese keyboard layout: every time we type a vowel, the vowel is highlighted, waiting for a diacritical mark such á, à, ã... I think the password box does not like this behavior.


The only option for me now is to force the laptop to power down and hope everything will reset. However, before I do so, I would like to post this to see if the good citizens at MacCast can help me out. I appreciate it.

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UPDATE: After being locked up for a day, something caused my computer to restart and I was able to log in. Now instead of having one problem, I have two: the lock-up, which might happens in the future; and the myserious restart.

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