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Scheduled backups to the cloud

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I wanted to let you know about an easy way to backup smaller stuff to the cloud without having to remember to do so.

This method uses a very cool tool called Dropbox (getdropbox.com) , an Automator action and iCal.


Dropbox gives you 2Gb free storage on the internet (+256Mb for you and me over this link).

You have to install their small application that runs in the background and synchronizes your local Dropbox folder to you online folder. What's cool about it is that you get full write speed to your harddisk and the upload is done later without any interaction in the background by the software.

It also has more features that are not required for this tip, like:

- public folder (you can cmd/right-click on a file in the public Dropbox folder and get an online link you can share with others)

- photo folder with online interface to create galleries

- shared folders you can share with your friends (I use it to keep my college folder with pdf's etc. in sync with some friends)


Once you have set up Dropbox you need an Automator action that copies the files you want to backup into your local Dropbox folder. It's very easy to do, just start Automator, go to the files and folders section and there you'll find the two templates you need (don't know the exact English names because I have the German version). Just make sure you save it as an application an not as a workflow when your done.


After that you open iCal and create a new calendar to store the scripts in you want to schedule. Then you can create reoccurring events that open an application (your action) as a notification for the event.


I hope this helps someone.

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