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Changing iTunes Shortcut keys

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I have iMac with the standard Apple keyboard. I love them both and use the keyboard shortcuts alot. Recently though, the iTunes shortcuts have been really annoying me. I have been using an application called Spotify alot recently and LOVING using it. Thing is though, when I am using the application I have to keep loading the window up and clicking on the pause button (or use the dock menu) as if I click the shortcut on the keyboard on the keyboard it will stop the music and then load up iTunes and start playing music off that, which I don't want. I don't want to stop using iTunes as I have alot of purchased music on there, but I would like to be able to control Spotify more easily.


Does anyone know how to do this. It might be something really simple to do but I can't find out how. If there is a way to do with with a Logitech keyboard/software then I might consider getting a new keyboard

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Just go to the help menu and look up keyboard shortcuts. There it will explain how to go into the System Preferences Keyboard pane where you can adjust/change any keyboard shortcuts for any app and even add new ones that don't exist ( as long as the command shows up in your menu bar for the specific app )

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