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Mac Compatible WiFI USB Dongles (or alternatives)

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i have a failry old macmini core 2 duo with a 802.11g WiFi card that had never been vary reliable. its always been flaky and drops the connection with every router i own and seems to be the cause of the mac crashing time and time again. (this is because when i disable the wifi card the mac never crashes doing what it was doing before when it chrased)


anyways its over due on its warrantee so i was looking for a little 802.11n USB dongle for the mac. i went to a local computer store and all their dongles didnt have any drivers for mac. :(


any body know what brand supports mac? or would it be best to just get a airport express and wire into that?



-thanks in advance.


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I have the same model with a problematic wireless service - something which was much improved by a move from Tiger to Leopard - the signal strength being better and it not dropping once in the week or so since I upgraded it.

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I got a wifi usb dongle from http://www.afterthemac.com a couple of years ago, after getting the built-in wifi module on my iBook G4 removed because it was causing kernel panics.

The model I got is the G54SL and I would have no hesitation in recommending it. I've used it for the last couple of years with very few problems.

Having just checked their website I see they now do an 'n' wifi usb dongle too.

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most of the USB Wifi dongles will work on OS X 10.5/6 without the need for a specific driver. that means the box does not have to have "works with Mac" on the side. if the chipset is from Broadcom or from Ralink it will work just by plugging it in.





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