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iPhoto no picture to edit

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When I select a photo to Edit in iPhoto '09, SOME of photos only show a black picture with an exclamation point in the center.

Since some of the photos edit OK, I must have done something along the way to cause this.

Can anyone help me with this problem?


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I'm assuming you are seeing something like this?




This is usually due to the photo being missing from it's original location. You normally don't see this if you copy items to the iPhoto Library, but if you have the 'Copy items to the iPhoto Library' option unchecked in the iPhoto --> Preferences… --> Advanced settings then this might happen. Hopefully it's just been moved and you can simply locate it outside of iPhoto and put it back. Another reason this can happen is that the photo has somehow become corrupt. Sometimes this can happen after an edit. Good news is if this is the case you can try to Control + Click (Right + Click) on the image thumbnail and choose 'Revert to Original…'. iPhoto keeps an original cop of all photos. You will lose your edits, but at least you might get the image back. If you use Time Machine you could also activate it and go back to a day when the image was in the iPhoto Library and restore the image that way.


If you don't see an exclamation point and simply a blank white area it's probably a permissions issue and you will need to either run Disk Utility and try Repair Permissions or to locate the original in the Finder and fix that items permissions manually using 'Get Info'.


This article, http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1261, has more information and several steps you can use to try and resolve this issue. Good luck.

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Thanks King Mac Geek:


I did what you noted, and the "Revert to Original" did the trick. I was then able to "re-edit" the photo and all was fine.


Thanks again for the help,


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