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Experiences with 2.5" SATA HD/FW800 Enclosures?

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Short version: I'm looking for a good, fast, portable 2.5" hard drive enclosure.


Full version: I had a similar setup with my PowerBook G4 and it worked bitchen. But that's all obsolete now & I need the modern equivalent... What I did last time was buy a new, big/fast 2.5" drive for the laptop. That left me with a better performing laptop. And a 2.5" Apple OEM hard drive left over. MacGurus sold an empty 2.5" portable drive enclosure with USB-II and FW400 connectors. It was a nice little photographer's road warrior setup that saw use only for overnight/travel jobs or as backup for the occasional off-site editing session or presentation gig.


Worked slick.


So now I'm starting again with a new 15" 2.8GHz MBP and new 500GB 7200rpm Seagate. The 5400rpm OEM drive needs a new home and while we're at it, upping the ante to FW800 seems in order.


So this is where I seek the experiences of those who've traveled this path before or may be geeks enough to know something about the different controller chipsets (which I do not).


Examples on the theme…

Tango Pro

Oyen Digital EB2

This one (which appears to be the same manufacture as the ATA to FW400 unit I had before)



I realize I'm getting a little OCD on the research here, but I'm not in a huge hurry and I hate dealing with issues & returns. An once of prevention... something something.




PS: When the prices get more reasonable I'm planning to use the 500GB/7200rpm drive for data only and an SSD as the boot drive. Looking forward to that once the kairos is right.

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I've got one of these and it's been great. I did the same thing with my MBP, took out the original and put in a Seagate 500gb drive.





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