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Using Snow Leopard on Windows Network

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I am using my Mac on my work windows network at work. It's working well and I can log in as the domain users and get to server etc... the strange thing is when the mac sleeps (and requires password after sleep) the domain username and password do not work only the local admin? Is that normal?



On a side note - on one mac when I view company shared they mount automatically on the desktop - however in the case of another mac with same setup they don't - any ideas?



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Is you mac bound to the Active Directory? If so (and you're using your AD credentials to log into your mac), then you should be using your AD creds to wake from sleep. If you're not bound to it, then it's as expected that you need to enter your local credentials.


As to the mounting issue - no idea I'm afraid. Mac only here! (bar the SQL Server, but we don't talk about that heathen box).

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Yeh it is bound to AD and I am using AD credentials to log in to the mac... but the AD logon does not work again when waking from sleep in this case.


Update: Now I have created a mobile user account for my domain user everything seems to be working OK, though there are many reports of issues with Snow Leopard no binding properly to Active Directory so if anyone else is having issues worth taking a look HERE first..



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