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When I try to attach a file to an email in Safari, I can select the file and while it's attaching, Safari crashes. This happens on both my Mac and my PC. Internet Explorer on the PC handles it fine. Also tried doing the same in Firefox with the same result: CRASH.

This started a few weeks ago.


Please help!

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When you say Safari crashes, do you mean you are using an online mail service such as Gmail, or do you mean Apple's Mail app ? If you are using an online mail service the trouble is probably with the service's ( Gmail for example ) website and you need to contact their support. It could very well be something to do with your mail acct and their servers. If it is an issue with Apple Mail, it sounds like something is corrupted in the Mail app. You may have to perform an archive and install to fix that.

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Well, it happens in both Yahoo and Gmail accounts. I'm puzzled as to why it does this both on the mac and the PC with Safari, but is problem free in Internet Explorer for both Yahoo and Gmail. That's why I though it was related to Safari.

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OK, so you ARE using the websites for Yahoo and Gmail. Attachments and other functions you are performing at these sites are a function of that website and the browser you are using. The thing that puzzles me about your situation is that it happens in Safari on both PC and Mac and on Firefox on the Mac but not in IE on your PC. What version of IE are you using on Windows? I guess it could be possible that if you are using an old version of IE ( 6 or 7 ) it might be allowing some actions that the security settings of your computers' ( Firewalls, AV, anti=spyware, etc ) prevent.


For the record, on my system Gmail and Yahoo work fine on Safari in both Windows and Mac ... that would seem to indicate that this is not a universal issue with Safari in general. To further trouble shoot this issue we need more info. To start with:


1) System Specs of both your PC and Mac


2) Browser versions of all browsers you have tried on both machines.


3) Do Yahoo and Gmail work OK using Firefox on either your PC or Mac ?


4) Locations and types of files you are trying to attach on both machines


Reason we need that info is that we know that it works on my system but not on yours. In order to determine what is causing the issue, we need to figure out what is different on your systems from mine.

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