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whats the best way to shamelessly get free apple notebooks?

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Hey Guys,


i know this may seem like a radical question. I keep hearing about how reviewers and bloggers get sent free stuff to review or look over all the time. Now I'm just a cheap guy and want a second mac laptop for use on the road where I don't have to care if it comes back or not.


whats the best way to get a free laptop given to me?

-youtube video?

-plea to apple?

-donation button on a website?




-thanks in advance.

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First of all, let me point out that generally speaking, reviewers and bloggers have to return the review unit after a specified time ( usually 15 - 30 days ) or buy the unit. Only a select few VIP celebs have enough clout to score review units of major hardware that they can keep. Even Leo Laporte of TWiT has to return his ( the few that he takes ... he would rather not be beholden to anyone ). In fact, I don't even think Adam gets /takes any ( Victor does get some review units I believe, but I don't recall him ever getting a laptop ).With that in mind ... how do you get review units? As I understand it, first you start a blog or podcast or get a job writing reviews of hardware. Next, get yourself about 10 or 20 thousand followers/listeners/readers/viewers .... in other words, develop a reputation as a legit reviewer. Next, contact companies who know your name and ask. It's just that easy ;) LOL


Let's face it, if it were easy we would all be doing it.

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