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iTunes 9 erases music on iPhone

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Hi all,


I recently updated my iPhone to the latest software. Everything fine. Yesterday I wanted to sync my phone with iTunes 9 (also carrying the latest version). At first iTunes did not recognize my iPhone, then it erased all music on the device - the apps stayed on. It gave me an error message saying "iPhone is not a device that can be recognized or synced" (I translate this from my german iTunes, so be easy on me).


I thought it was a one time glitch, put back 6 GB of music and video and wanted to add some more this evening. Again iTunes started to give me the error message. I quickly unplugged my iPhone and was able to save the 6 GB of music on it. But this is crazy...never had this problem before.


Anyone having the same issues?


FYI, my iTunes library is stored on a NAS Buffalo harddrive, I access it via my network. But so far that did not seem to be a problem for syncing music and videos - it's just not the fastest harddrive, the Buffalo live station.


Any ideas or tipps are most welcome


Gregor from Munich

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Sounds like maybe the update didn't work quite correctly.


I would suggest a Restore of your iPhone and, if that doesn't work, to redownload the update file and then Restore. It could be a bad download of the update file.

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