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Spotlight Search in System Folder Locations

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I posted this tip as part of another thread, but it comes up enough that I'd thought I'd share it here.




1. Do your spotlight search and click the 'File Name' option.

2. Add a new filter to the search by clicking the '+' icon in the upper right of the search window.

3. Now select 'Other...' from the filter list and in the dialog that appears find and select the 'System files' filter. Then select the 'Include' option from the second drop down.

4. Your results should now include files from any System level locations.


Hope this helps.

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This is a great tip. Additionally, if you know you want to find something in your ~/Library for example, you can navigate there and then search (Cmd+F) to search only that folder (and it's sub-folders).

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As well as "System Files are included", I always add "File Visibility: Visible or Invisible" to the search terms as well, just to make sure all the bases are covered :)

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