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Alan M Collins

Using MBP's WiFi for sharing.

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As a fairly recent switcher, I'd like to share a tip that blew my mind. I did a bit of a search of the forums without finding this specifically, so I hope it isn't duplicated.


You go somewhere off-site for a workshop with some colleagues. You need to have your own little workgroup network. What to do? Previously I'd take along a switch with cables galore. No more. Somewhere on the Net (sorry, I forget where so I can't credit the source) I stumbled across the way to use the MBP's WiFi as a wireless router. This is seriously cool. So you create your own WiFi network without any other equipment. Combine that with, say, a 3G modem and you have the capability to give everyone access to the Net.


The actual reason I looked for such a facility is a bit more mundane. I wanted to use TouchMouse on my iPhone to control my Mac while doing presentations. Since it connects via WiFi and one doesn't necessarily have access to WiFi at that site, it seemed TouchMouse would be pretty useless. Now I create my own WiFi network and TouchMouse works brilliantly.


So, how to set this all up?


Hmm. Tried to upload screenshots. Got a message "cannot upload image with that extension". So here's a URL to the screenshots. View in sequence Tip1A, Tip1B, etc. Oh wise one, how would I upload one of those images in future?


Link to screenshots.


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Yup, that same tip can be used to also set up an "ad-hoc" network at home. Let's say you don't have a router yet and want wi-fi access for your laptop but you have your iMac hard wired to your cable or DSL modem. Turn on internet sharing as Alan said, but this time using the iMac as the host and voila ... quick and easy wi-fi access for your laptops or iPod Touch ( or even the new iPad ). It should be said though, that you really are much better off using an Airport base station or other wireless router, but this is a great alternative for those times when your router has issues or until you get one. Great post Alan.

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