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stop recieving emails

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How do I stop receiving an email every time someone types a new post on this site? I get dozens of these a day, and they are very annoying. Even though my spam filter catches them, they still clutter up my trash. I have searched in vain on this website for the settings, but to no avail.

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You must have subscribed to a few threads. To manage them: Click on your name in the upper right corner of the window>>My Settings>>Click on the Forums Tab. Under that tab there should be an option "Watch every topic I reply to" you want to make sure you uncheck that. Then click on Manage Watched Topics on the left to clear out all the ones you have been watching. Then you may want to check under Manage Watched Forums as well.



Also, when creating new topics, there should be an "Options" button near the bottom of the edit box. Expand that and make sure you uncheck the line that says something like "Email me when someone replies to this topic". For me it is unchecked by default, but you might just check.


Hope this solves the problem.


EDIT: Added the part about creating a new topic.

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