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"Wipe" my iPhone but have a backup? It worked

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Last week, my iphone fell out of my pocket when I was getting out of the car on a busy city street. By the time I realized it wasn't in my pocket anymore it appears to have been run over at least once. Still works fine but the screen is cracked and cracking more with time. So, I'm sending it to iResq (used to be iPodResQ) to have the screen replaced. I'd like to restore the phone to factory and not have my data on it when I send it in. So, here's my idea -


Sync the phone so I know I have a current backup, then change the settings to a manual sync and restore it to factory. Then when it comes back I can restore from backup. Correct? Am I missing something.


Thanks, folks.

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Man that really sucks. Well, if you can still use the screen and make your way to the Settings, under General - at the bottom there is a section called Reset. There, you have a whole bunch of options. I'm not sure if this gets it 100% back to factory (as in, you just took it out of the box) but I would think it would get it pretty darn close.


If you still wanted to go for your method, that sounds exactly like what I would do so I don't think you're missing anything.


Good luck!

Apple Geek

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If you really wanted to make sure you aren't eliminating the backup, couldn't you just reset the iPhone from a different user acct or computer? That way the backup is sure to be there when you need it.

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Worked great. Did the Restore to factory and then did not immediately restore from backup.


Got the Prepaid shipping box from iResQ - I HIGHLY recommend these folks, BTW! Tuesday I sent it in (Next Day Air each way, they got it and fixed it yesterday) and I have it back today. It's syncing now.


Looks like new.

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