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Quickbooks for Mac

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I have been working on both Mac and PC for my business. The main tasks on the PC are financial and I use Quickbooks. I want to streamline and simplify by using only the Mac. Anyone have experience with Quickbooks for the Mac? Nervous about transferring and possible problems with data.



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I'm afraid mostly what I've heard is that the Mac version of Quickbooks doesn't hold up to the PC version. That said, I have no personal experience with it.


As for simply transferring the data... I would say as long as you back-up your file on the PC side you could always go back if something goes horribly wrong, right?


A possibly cheaper alternative might be to buy a copy of Parallels or VM Ware and just migrate your copy of Windows and Quickbooks from the PC to your Mac. I'm using the current version of Parallels on my Mac and it runs great.

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I do use Quickbooks for Mac, but I haven't used the PC version, so I can't compare them. I like the Mac version and find it fairly easy to use and very stable.


Any specific questions you have?


Intuit has a bit of info on Mac/PC conversion in this doc:



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I know, I'm adding another item to the "that didn't answer my question" pile, but I have heard that the Mac version doesn't fully measure up to the PC version because it's a re-write, instead of the previous version, which seems to be more of a "port". I don't know if that's entirely true. Most of the recent discussion that I've heard, is that this new version "Essentials", doesn't measure up to the "full-featuredness" of the previous version (Quicken 2006, I believe).


I tried Quicken for Mac, I think it was literally version 1.0, years ago, and found it too cumbersome, so dropped it before really using it. This new version seems pretty easy to use. You enter your account info, and it downloads your info from your bank, and away you go. I am having a strange issue with a loan though. It's keeps adding more debt to the loan, instead of subtracting it. So, for example, if the loan was -10,000, and I made a payment of 100, it "adds" "-100", so then my balance on the loan is -10,100.


Anyway, for basic tracking of checking, and savings, it's great, and pretty much all I really need.

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