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Mobile Broadband cost commitment...

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OK - I'll bite on adding some discussion here... Our family has a bunch of iPod touches and a MacBook that we take on trips. We've had our frustrations with hotel/hotspot wireless - with lengthy login procedures or stuff not working. Still, at my stage of life and level of cheapness - I view mobile broadband mostly as a luxury.


I'm struggling to justify an iPad, although I could see the mobile broadband option as a selling point. The $130 one time cost enabling access from anywhere for $15/month - would be VERY useful on a trip or so I don't have to fight with the hotel's wireless etc... Until this device came out, I would have had to commit to an AT&T contract to the tune of $720/year. I don't think I'll ever need mobile broadband bad enough to pay this. I stay in touch on a TracPhone for $80/year (I don't talk much). It probably comes down to how much you travel and attempt to work while traveling. By time I'm traveling I'm attempting to leave work behind.




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