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Video playback issue

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Been having this problem for a couple weeks, and haven't managed to find a solution on Apple's support forums.


My issue is that video content (TV shows, podcasts, and movies) will not open in a new window. i can watch them in the album artwork or main window. When i try to play a video file the iTunes window will "grey" the buttons as if it is not the active window, but no new window pops open. The audio will play fine.


Any ideas??





After playing around with the F10 key i discover that there IS a video window, but it is below my screen. Almost as if it is trying to play on a second screen that is no plugged in. Selecting the new window has it drop down below my main screen (this is where i usually have my secondary monitors).

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I think i half solved the issue. i post here in case some one else stumbles on this problem.


What was happening was that iTunes remembers the last place you viewed a video. So if you watch video in a new window on a second monitor iTunes will always pop the video window open onto the second monitor even when there is no second monitor attached. My solution was to plug my laptop into the TV at home, and drag the video window back onto my laptop screen.


My new question is if there is a way for iTunes to place the video window on the main screen when no second monitor is present rather than hide the window.

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