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Great point concerning Apple's way of business

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The point you made on the show about Word having tons of features which most people don't need compared to Apple with iMovie and Final Cut Studio was great. I see exactly what you mean and I'm surprised I'd never noticed it myself before.




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That's really Apple's general design philosophy. The goal is to add simplicity, not necessarily features. That's why many Apple products (AppleTV, iPhone) start out pretty bare-bones. They start with a minimal feature set and add features as needed while refining the interface accordingly.

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my issue with the minimalist approach is that you hit a wall which leaves you searching for a better tool. when Pages first came out I put it through the paces with the task of "making a book." wow did that not go well. maybe it was due to me working with Word / PageMaker / Freehand for 10 years that got me tree wrapped. but then PM was a very robust tool having been built for task of multi-page creation. and the integration of Word to the layout tool has always be superb.


part of the problem with MS Office is that it's had to chase the tasks of the office worker. there is NO reason that a werp should have to print labels. that task should be a separate program. but some dumb bunny needed it and Word was the only creation tool they had. it wasn't just one person that did that. because the collective conscience all tried and got frustrated doing the same thing so "make labels" became a top 10 feature request. this is why it's overly complicated and why lots of people still think that Word 5.1a was the best release ever.


it's the same reason why Excel is more commonly used as a dumb database then it is number machine. because the cells are an "obvious place" to put "name, address, city, state..." the spread sheet is now expected to format to labels but Word already did that so the developers added a link button but the columns didn't always line up so they added a drag around feature.... it see how this goes? the untrained drive unexpected uses into the product. and later they expect these things to be features. which the makers are more than happy to chase these features because "check box comparison marketing" drives upgrade sales.


another way to see why this happens is to think about typewriters.

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