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PC/MAC/HAMACHI - Please Help!

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Hi All,


Great forum here by the way, seems I may be able to get some help here after 3 days of nothing lol.


So, I have MAC, and my friend has a PC.


Were wanting to play a NETWORK game of Football Manager 2010 - Manager Simulation Game.


In order to do this, you use Hamachi. However when we connect to each other, on his computer I have a yellow triangle next to my name with an error advising Tunnel Problem, I think it says something about VPN.


Is this something that is fixeable? Can we play a network game between us? If not with Hamachi, then some other way?


Please, help.


Thanks In Advance.

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Are you seeing this yellow triangle in Hamachi or FM10?


Do you know what network ports the game uses?


Are other services working over Hamachi? File sharing? Web server?


If Hamachi is the method Sega recommends for doing this (which seems a bit odd to me...) I would contact Sega support for assistance.

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Valve is what Adam had a podcast about and it was informative. Mac and PC did not matter you Pay on a PC at your brothers/sisters/friends house and then go home and continue on your Mac right where you left off. I'm sure they have network gaming options. It sounded amazing. Not sure how the details would work. I'm not a big gamer type Mac user but I love my Mac and this sounded great. Have a look at the link.






Hope this helped.

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most routers have to be configured to allow VPN tunneling. you have to forward ports to a specific IP or you have to turn on UnPN which will allow your software to tell the router to do it for you. and BOTH sides have to be configured to work.

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