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Recommend some headphones please

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I have had two different makes of headphones for my iphone. The Apple ones, which I've now had two of have both died. I had to put foam covers on them so that they stayed in my ears. The mic worked fine as did the button for pausing etc. However, they eventually break as they're not too sturdy.


Then I had some Sennheiser ones. I guess they cost around 30 dollars so not too expensive. People complained about an echo when I used it, (the echo disappeared when I spoke without the headphones), and the mic was so heavy that it was constantly pulling the earbud down on my ear and making it uncomfortable and eventually falling out.


I'd like a pair of headphones with:

- a quality mic

- in-ear buds that are comfortable

- comfortable to wear with just one ear-bud in and don't drag down on my ear

- sound quality with regards to music isn't too important as I listen to podcasts 95% of the time


Recommendations warmly and gratefully appreciated!

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I have the apple in ear ones and I love them. Much more comfortable than the standard ones.

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I had a pair of V-Moda headphones for my 1st Gen iPhone which worked well, but, even they quit working properly after a year or so. They were $99 USD.


Now, I just use some SkullCandy $20 headphones without the mike and unplug to answer the phone. They're very comfortable and have good sound but, they won't work for someone who wants to use the phone. (When I care about answering the phone, I, too, use the Apple set).

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I'm a fan of cheap Sony earbuds. they don't cost lots so I don't feel bad when they get broken or lost. the wind up case is a nice touch too.

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