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Strange but recurring iPhone problems

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I currently have a 32GB iPhone 3GS, and before that I had 2 different 1st generation iPhone. I've gone through numerous kinds of headphones during this time, but in general I use the cheap Apple earbuds with the inline microphone and pause/track control/volume controls. I've had a recurring problem that has happened on all 3 phones and with all of the headphones I've used that have these inline controls. It's been intermittent but I've finally managed to predict the pattern and how to fix it:


1) After listening to something from the iPod application on the phone, I am interrupted so I click the inline control to pause what I'm listening to.

2) After a few minutes of being in pause mode, I want to resume what I was listening to so I click the inline control one more time. Nothing happens.

3) After a few seconds, I try to click the button one more time. My music starts playing again but stops after a few seconds. If I watch the screen while this happens, the iPod controls go from paused mode to play mode and then back to paused mode during this time

4) If I press the button again nothing happens. If I press play on the iPhone screen it starts playing again.

5) After a couple more seconds, the playback then stops again. However, this time the iPhone screen shows that the iPod app is still in play mode. The pause button is visible, the time remaining of the track keeps ticking away, etc. I can pull out the headphones and it pauses playback, but pressing play still doesn't work. The program starts ticking away again, but there is no sound output either from the iPhone's speaker or from the headphones. I can stop the app and jump into something else and then come back to the iPod app, still the same. It acts like the program is playing, but there is no sound output.

6) For a while, the only way I found to fix things was to power down the iPhone and restart it. However, I eventually detected another workaround: Pressing the button to jump back 30 seconds in the program seems to get it out of this bad mode, and everything works again.


When I first saw this (and before I managed to understand the pattern), I assumed I had a faulty iPhone or headphones. However, this has happened on 3 different phones and about a dozen different headphone sets. I also considered it might be a software bug, but 3+ years and several OS revs later I still see the problem. My best guess is that it's a problem that involves both software and issues with the Apple headphones, but I can't confirm that.


Has anyone else ever seen similar problems?

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I know this behavior. I figured that it was the app timing out. my iPhone screen locks after 1 minute. then there's a period of time that if you unlock the screen the last app is right there. after some amount of time (that I have never measured) that app goes away and you get icons instead. after the app times out then no amount of button smashing will get rocking to re-commence.

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Yes, I have this problem.


I have another weird and annoying bug. When I'm listening to something via the iPod app and another app requiring sound interrupts it (a call, a text, or a push notification for instance), it changes the volume of the iPod - it is now much lower. If I click the pause button on the headphones and then click again to unpause, the volume goes back up to where it was.


It's really annoying!

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