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TimeCapsule Question

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Hi Everyone,


While I wait for my new MacBook Pro (specs below for those interested) I want to change around my networking some since my MacBook Pro will have N capabilities.


I still have a few G devices - iPod Touches, Wii, xbox 360 and I would like to keep these on a separate network so I can get the fastest speed possible out of my 1TB timecapsule.


Here is how I currently setup my TimeCapsule tonight:

Network Name: OuterGalaxy

Radio Mode: 802.11a - 802.11b/g

Manual Channel 1

WPA 2 Personal


Then under wireless Network Options:

5Ghz Network Name: NGalaxy

Multicast Rate: Low

Transmit Power 100%

Using Interference Robustness


My questions is, I am not seeing my 5GHz network name on my iPod touch - Is this because it does not have an N radio in it? Essentially I would like to isolate all devices on my network so I can get the most speed of the N going to my MacBook Pro. Is this possible, or would the simplest thing to do is hookup a separate G router?


If you could offer any help at all that would be great!! Thanks :D


MacBook Pro Specs:

15" Upgraded Hi Res Display

Core i7 @ 2.66GHz

4 gigs of Ram

500GB HDD @ 7200rpm

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the iPod Touch does not have an N radio in it. http://www.apple.com...ouch/specs.html


we've talked a lot about wireless strategies and have found the best practice is to have routers that are specific to the ABGN spec you want to serve. by having different routers serving one spec means that N won't slow down to G which won't slow down to B if one of those devices is present in your home or office. the other option is to banish B completely meaning you might have to upgrade your TiVO or other old device.


since I boxed the wifi at the office nobody complains about files taking a long time to transfer.

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