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ATT iPhone Service Question

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I'm thinking about moving my cell phone service to ATT from T Mobile and had some questions. For the iPhone, it looks like I need to get a data plan. If my son has a standard phone and likes to text, we'll want to get him an unlimited text plan.


Can the iPhone send/receive text messages easily? If so and I do that very much on the iPhone, it would seem I should get the unlimited family text plan. Or I guess the message plan.


Anyone have any comments about getting ATT service?



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unlimited versus normal isn't a question when you look up the cost per message when going over a "normal" plan. the cost per message makes sending letters in the mail a viable option.


my primary service requirement is for TXT. there are lots of things that notify me about status. like a borked server that needs to be restarted. iPhone TXT is based on iChat on the Mac. it keeps all your time stamped conversations as separate threads rather than one long list. this is a benefit to me at least. the thing I like least the way iPhone notifications work. it's like using a Mac 128 all over again. there's only one notification and it's modal. never mind that there might be 3 or 4 things that need your attention. on iPhone it's the last one then you are forced into chat to see the rest.


AT&T is the suck in San Francisco where I live. I can walk around a corner and get a bunch of messages and missed call / voice mail notifications. service one place and silence in another. I'm told it's as bad in cities where there is saturation. that said, I'm actively looking for ways not having to rely on cellular data.

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Will iChat work with text messages from regular cell phones?


My main use of text messages is between my son and his friends. With an iPhone, I would get an occasional text message, but I don't know if I would get enough to justify the extra $10/month for unlimited family.


Locally, at my home and work ATT has good coverage. T-Mobile will not make it inside work so I generally can only use my office phone.

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