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Another External Drive problem….

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Hi all,


I have an iMac G5 that I am using as a server via Airport Extreme (g) to my MBP (2009). I have been using a couple of drives on this to handle the overflow stuff like iTunes etc

320 gB WD My Book Pro Edition partitioned as 2 drives : 1*80gB; 1* 230 Gb on t Firewire 400 ALSO an older 120 gB WD drive for iMac backup, plugged in as necessary.


Both of the My Book partitions can appear on my MBP as Devices when selected on the iMac.


I have just fitted a Seagate `Expansion' external 1tB USB drive with 3 partitions - 1 for the iMac Time Machine, 1 for the MBP Time Machine, 1 for the iTunes etc stuff. All partitions on this drive appear as Devices on the iMac AND on the MBP when plugged in direct. Unlike the WD partitions however, even when selected on the MBP from the iMac these 3 partitions can not be made visible as devices.



Am I just doing something daft with my sharing setup on the Seagate partitions or what? I have authorised the user on the MBP for these partitions but I notice that when I originally set up the WD drive I had a much simpler authorisation schedule :-

_unknown as R/W

everyone as No Access


SHould I just go back and reconfigure the authorisations?



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