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Hey guys, I'm happy to say that I finally got my iPhone 4 delivered to me this week (my first iPhone) and I love it. I just had a question about something that is confusing me. As you can probably tell by the title, I'm referring to the "My Number" Setting found in Settings>>Phone>>My Number. I've done some searching online and I think I discovered that this setting was first editable starting in iOS 3.0. But my question is, what's the point? I tried calling another phone with my original number in that setting and with a different number I put there but the caller ID listed my original number both times. I know when I change it, it changes my number at the top of my contacts list but what is the point in changing it when it isn't changed in reality? Can someone explain this to me? Why would I want/need to change it?


Thanks for your input.

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it's changeable for three reasons:


1) you might change your phone's number without getting a new SIM card. ATT support changes the what phone number is assigned to the ESN of the SIM. once that's done though the iPhone might have the wrong "my number" as the old number might still be programmed in the SIM so when you cold start it reads the old number.


2) you've unlocked your phone to travel and are swapping SIM cards as you switch countries. you might not want to have MY NUMBER be the same as whatever number is in the SIM even though it might update itself as you flip flop.


3) you want somebody to call a number that you might answer if the phone is lost. this might be your office, your home land line, a google voice number. it's unlikely that you would get your phone back but somebody might make the effort. it's a common skill for restaurant and bar staff to be able to find an owners number on a phone.

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