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Leaving Android for iPhone.

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Have anyone left Android for an iPhone? What where the reasons. What are the things that stand out for you?

What do you miss about Android?

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I got to use an Android based phone for a week a while ago and was in awe of the number of steps some things took to do. things that step in just 2 or 3 on iPhone took 4 to 6 on Android. wild. while I loath the QWERTY keyboard on iPhone (there is so many things wrong with this don't get me started) and Android is all that and more. I'm sure it will likely take years for HCI to become more developed beyond a alphabet grid board.


there are a bunch of things to keep in mind when switching. the first thing that stands out is that the apps that we love love one place often exist in the other. Pandora and Shazam are two very good examples. Kindle works on iPhone and Android. and while I've used Kindle on iPhone I like Stanza reader better noting that there is never going to be a Stanza for Android.

on Android is a wonder and free tool that has no equivalent on iPhone in the free category. although all the developers making iPhone astro software have been in the biz for the last 20 years so they've got to eat unlike the google kids that made it on their 20% other project time which helps their stock options.


one completely fun reason to switch is so you can play Angry Birds right now with no waiting.


another thing that you might miss is the mad integration with "the cloud" that is only half assed implemented on iPhone. google apps are seamless meaning your calendar is automatically every where without having to do a physical sync. and Google Voice is a completely different experience on Android because it can run as an App. if you've used it for even five seconds you will wonder how you'll get along without the full implementation on iPhone. I'm not a fan of phone and my talk time is about 20 minutes a month so I don't care either way.


the bottom line is that phone not matter what brand is what you make of it. my iPhone is highly integrated in my life although I didn't plan it that way and was highly skeptical of it's usefulness at first. I'm kind of amazed at how much desktop computing has been displaced by what is in my pocket. I don't feel like I have to take my Mac with me at the end of the day like I used to.

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Another (somewhat minor) factor is integrated services. If you are a MobileMe user, iPhone makes complete sense as it includes seamless integration. The service and the device become exponentially more valuable when combined.


While I'm not an Android user, I'd presume the same is true of an Android device and the Google apps. Google users have that much more reason to choose (or stick with) Android.

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