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Favorite iPad Apps

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Google Maps (this like several others is even better on the iPad)





Words with Friends HD

The Weather Channel HD

LogMeIn Ignition


Fotopedia Heritage

Star Walk (I haven't bought the HD Version yet)

Tiger Woords PGA Tour

Fruit Ninja HD


I think Netflix would make the list if I had an account

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Omnifocus and good all simple Mail. Love them both.

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I really love Flipboard and Star Walk.


Other than those, most of the apps I have are kids games. For the under 3-4 year-olds, Duck Duck Moose make a set of fun games.


I'm happy to see VLC is here for playing movies, although it keeps crashing on my iPad.


Zinio for downloading magazines is great.


Audible is great for downloading and playing audio books. Until recently you couldn't browse the store from the app, but I hear you can now (haven't tried it yet though).


Kindle. We can't buy books in iTunes here yet, so I have to use Kindle/Amazon store to buy my books.


Touch LCD is a nice clock app that has a dimly-lit LCD display for showing the time at night, and alarms (that work even with Daylight Savings changes in NZ!)


Remote for controlling my AppleTV from anywhere in my house


Scrabble is cool, and we can use our iPhones as the tile boards! Super cool!

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