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Cannot get ITunes to find my movies

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Hello. I am a new Mac convert. Been working on PC's for 30 years and I finally made the leap (although my home network is till PC heavy 4 PCs vs. 2 Macs). Here is my problem. About a month ago, iTunes was working fine and i loaded a movie on to my iPad without a problem. Of course, being the curious type, I started trying to figure out the folder structure in my Mac. I am aware the the media folder is located at user/Music/ITunes Media. I was trying to import a news library of tunes from my PC to my iMac and in the process I think I may have affected the location of the folder. I went back to Preferences and reset the location but now iTunes cannot find the media folder. I have the latest iTunes version (10.0). I realize I have turned this into a step-by-step troubleshooting nightmare but any help I can get would be appreciated. I have been trying to troubleshoot now for about 4 hours on my own. I am very frustrated because I have not been able to find a solution. Thanking you in advance.



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There are a couple of things I would try. Delete the library (select all of your songs/movies/podcasts/etc in iTunes and delete them) iTunes will ask you if you want to move the items to the trash but say NO - Keep Files. Then quit iTunes, locate all your media on your hard drive, open iTunes and either File>>Import and find your media OR just drag the folders of songs, etc into iTunes. Under preferences/Advanced you might click the reset button next to the library path or you could even select change and move to /Users/<your user folder>/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music. Then, I think the most important thing is under the File Menu>>Library>>Organize Library... check both of the boxes in that dialog (you might not be able to check the second one if your library is already organized as a Media library) and sit back and wait while iTunes organizes.


I'm sure other people have many other (maybe better) solutions. These are just some of the things I would try if I were in your situation. Good luck!


Oh, it never really hurts to trash the preference file every once in a while - that might "set iTunes straight" on where it needs to look to find things.

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