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Low volume when playing movies on MacBook

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I paid for and downloaded from the iTunes store a couple of movies. Playing them on my desktop is no problem due to a 25 watt audio amp connected to the audio out. I brought my MacBook on a bus ride, and playing the movies and using the speakers on the MacBook the volume was so low, it was as if it was not on. The indicator in the tool bar said the sound level was at max. Opening up the sound control panel the input was all the way to the right. The input level lights showed the first 2-4 indicators moving while the movie was playing. There are 15 light indicators total. Playing other music the sound is loud enough to make others on the bus look mean at me. Just the movies were very low in volume. I copied a DVD at home and it had the same results. Anybody have any ideas?



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does it sound okay with headphones?

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the audio volume on commercial DVDs is generally lower than audio CDs to allow for greater dynamic range (difference between quite sounds (whispers) and loud sounds (explosions)). so i'm not sure if there is much you can do aside from using headphones or external speakers.


one trick that might work is opening up the EQ (Window menu -> Audio Equalizer) and turning all the frequency bands up a bit. haven't actually tried this myself...

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