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Mobileme sanity check

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I have two MobileMe accounts and every time they renew I think I should drop one or both of them and work out the kinks to use free or nearly free sources. I have 2 iPhones, Macs at home and I work on Windows. The $99 is really steep adn I just cant justify it any longer.


MobileMe is very slow, sluggish as a webap. Its fairly reliable. but again very slow.

I use gmail as my primary email anyway. Ive gotten the contacts and calendars to synch. I will find a replacement for iDisk which is also slow, DropBox is much better. I do use Backup for a small amount of offsite storage, but my music and photos are too large for iDisk

I cannot replace the Find My iPhone part of MobileMe. I think maybe its time to drop one of my $99 subscriptions and see how it works.


Advise is appreciated


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Since you have two accts ( an advantage few of us have ) I would try dropping one and see if you miss it at all. As you said, with all the free Google services out there, less and less is Mobile Me needed ... at least until Apple decides to not allow the use of Gmail services on the iPhone. About the last thing I find of use with Mobile Me is the syncing feature which makes settings global accross all your Macs ... but even that is beginning to be minimized by things like the Google Chrome browser syncing feature. You may find there are things that Mobile Me still does you can't find elsewhere, or you may determine that it serves no purpose anymore.

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the first way to take the sting out of MobileMe (MM) is to not buy it from Apple. you can find it for way less from other sources. for example Amazon lists Mobileme for $67. add in free shipping and you're in for another year for .19 cents a day. if you shop eBay you can find MM for even less money.


when I was down with the plague last year having I appreciated Back to my Mac. it's not a feature that I'm using now but I really dug the seamlessness of it. it meant I didn't have to trip to the office to get the three files I didn't have only to infect the healthy people. you know the files, password files, server scripts and other work related stuff that may or may not need to live at home.


that said, this is very likely the last year I will renew. and the only thing that stops me is that my domacdotme email address is very old and there's the sentimental of something a decade old. but it's not like you can't find ways to talk to me.

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