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I need to access my Mac remotely, on my iPad and maybe iPhone. I know there are a lot of choices out there. Any particular one leading the pack? If they made Back To My Mac for iPad I would be fine. My needs ate small.

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I will second John's pick of Mocha Lite. I use it on my iPhone and iPad. The best part is it's a VNC client so you can use OS X's built in screen sharing to access your Mac.


1) Go into System Preferences


2) Click on 'Sharing'


3) Click on Screen Sharing


4) Click on 'Computer Settings…" and then click on 'VNC viewers may control my screen with password' and set a SECURE password. Click OK.


5) Turn on the Screen Sharing service.


To access your Mac via Mocha Lite from outside your local network you may need to have a static IP or use a service like DynDNS to map your ISPs dynamic public address to a static address. You will also need to make sure your router and firewall ports are open to VNC traffic.

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