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Mac Anti Virus - Suggestions...

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I have persuaded my PC based office to start getting macs - however the anti virus on our windows server is by trend micro and this won't work on the mac and my boss has stated that if we get a Mac it needs to have anti virus on so can anyone suggest something light weight and not too pricey...



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I don't require Macs on my network to run "viro scanners" because there is no need. it's just another thing to keep up to date. but that's not to say I'm not scanning for virus using other tools.


in a decade of OS X there hasn't been a self replicating virus. there have been exploits, trojans and malware but even that code is short lived. the best way to think of virus on a Mac is one that you are passing on to Window because you didn't detect it. as if that's your fault. however, I get hundreds of email message from all kinds of users that get forwarded on to somewhere. with that in mind the best viro protection in the world is somebody else. the person on the other side will tell you immediately when something is wrong with what you just sent them. is it weird that people around me are often faster at reporting that a server is down or an internet connection is flaking out then the service monitoring tools that I have in place? nope. people are really good at spotting when things are borked.


as a Mac user it's possible to get all "smug" about "mac's don't get virus" and live with that cavalier attitude but you can't. here's a better strategy:


1) practice safe use. don't forward things that you don't know. don't click links from unknown senders until you mouse hover over it to make sure it's going to the expected domain.


2) your mail server should scan for virus. you can pay for the tool to do this or you can use one of the open source tools. either is better than nothing. an alternative is to use an online service that would not only flag virus but also scrub SPAM. these services are usually per user and can get pricey fast.


3) if your file servers are running Windows they should have virus protection. the good news is these will work in real time so if you put a file there from your Mac it will get flagged right away. if the file missed for whatever reason and it's opened on Windows the properly configured computer will warn the users of the dangers about to happen.


4) some routers scan packets in real-time looking for known bad things. the message subject is changed letting you know the potential problem. this is potentially slow, rings false positives and doesn't work outside of your office. unless you care and feed this tool it will get out of date pretty quickly.

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