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Easy way to upload photos to Walgreens for new user

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Is there a better way for me to help a new Mac user who don't know much about her Mac, upload photos from iPhoto to an online service such as walgreens in fewer/less complicated steps than I have put below?


Only thing I can think of is having the user, use the more expensive option of ordering prints through iPhoto itself.




1) We connected the the USB cable from your camera to your iMac

2) We turned on your camera

3) Your iMac automatically recognized the camera was connected and turned on, so it automatically launced the application/program iPhoto.

4) We clicked on "Import" to import your photos from your camera to iPhoto.

5) All the newly imported photos were automatically put into iPhoto in to the "Last Roll" category (on the left)

6) I had you click on the + icon that is in iPhoto in the lower left corner to create a new 'album' called "our photos" where we could temporarily keep copies of the 50 pictures you wanted to have Walgreens print.

6) I had you click on "Last Roll" and then drag photos to the "our pictures" album

7) Once finished with that, I had you clikc on "our pictures" and go to the 'Edit' menu and choose 'Select All'

8) Go to the 'File' menu and choose 'Export'

9) You click on the button named 'Export'

10) That gave a window that allowed me to choose 'Desktop' and I clicked on 'New Folder' and called it "walgreens"

11) I clicked 'OK' to save the exported photos from iPhoto into the Walgreens photos, to the 'walgreens' folder created in step #10.

12) We logged into walgreens.com and created a new album.

13) We folowed the steps to upload our photos to walgreens.com. We choose the option to upload multiple photos at once, not one photo at a time.

14) When the walgreens website had us locate the photos we wanted to upload, I choose the 'walgreens' folder we had created in step #10.

15) We selected "Select All" so the walgreens website would take all the pictures from our 'walgreens' folder.

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iPhoto can be a much cheaper option than Walgreens. A 5X7 from iPhoto is only .49 while at Walgreen it's $1.59. an 8X10 is $1.99 from Apple, $2.99 from Walgreen. 4X6 photos are .12 cents each from both places.

Using iPhoto could not be easier. I've used it, it's fast and reliable.

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with Wallgreens and Walmart those are the steps.

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When I compare pricing on prints, Apple beats Walgreens at every level.

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the cool thing about printing to Walgreens, Target and Walmart is that you can send photos to any store. that means my brother who lives across the country can get kid photos to my dad today. doing a drive by to pick them up beats overnight shipping charges and it also cancels out the cost differences.

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