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Mission Control in Lion ...

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I REALLY find it useful the way Apple brings the widgets up on top of the existing desktop. One thing I use this for ALL the time is a calculator. While doing online banking, I can do calculations via the dashboard and still see the numbers from a website. The way Lion/Mission Control seems to work, I won't be able to do that. I also watch video podcasts and check the weather/state of the machine whatever while still watching. It looks like I won't be able to do THAT either. Well maybe someone can write an app to bring back the dashboard functionality that I have right now :-)


Another use for Spaces that I've done is cutting and pasting from an online magazine into Excel. What I did is put the Mag in one space and Excel in another. It was very productive to switch spaces with the arrow keys (+control key). So will Lion get rid of this feature? When they said combine the Dashboard & Expose I could see where those features went, Spaces wasn't so obvious. Maybe Spaces will still be there and just will play better with Expose... I did just test out that if you open a couple spaces, Expose only shows the active space. This might help me turn on Spaces for my family... I'm always afraid they will lose their windows.


The launcher did look useful to me... Maybe turning off the dock will finally be an option?

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