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Trouble installing windows on Macbook

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i have a bit of a complicated issue so ill try to keep it as short and sweet as i can.


my Goal:

1. to get windows 7 on my old MacBook white.


my Obsticals/attempts

1. the mac does not have a DVD drive as it is broken

2. macbook air external DVD drive does not work\

3. will not boot from USB pc, external disk drive

4. tried booting into 'target disk mode' and installing windows from another functioning Macbook Pro. but turns out windows does not support installing over IEEE. (firewire)

5. tried removing the HDD (macbook) and installing it in a PC (tower), installing windows normaly then re-inserting it (the macbook's HDD) back in the mac. it now fails to boot and Microsoft repair fails every time.

6. do not know how to make bootable USB drive with windows.


(note: i have access to; Macbook (no dvd drive), Macbook Pro 17", iMac 27", many 8GB USB drives, firewire cables, old tower PC, SATA to USB adaptor, and legitimate windows 7 DVDs (32 and 64))


help please.

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1a. buy a external firewire or USB DVD. you can roll your own with a case and any internal DVD writer. Light Scribe is fun. I don't think there's a drive that isn't supported. but if you aren't sure Panasonic, Sony and Lite On are drives that Apple has used in the past.

1b. or you can replace the drive using something new or used found on eBay or another seller. but working on a MacBook is the pits. so many screws. go slow.

2. that's right it doesn't work. and the doc says that it doesn't. something about a weird cable.

3. what won't boot? you mean the Windows CD? yeah, that won't boot.

4) surprise.

5) the EFI firmware on the Mac is the problem. that's why BootCamp was invented.

6) making a USB boot drive isn't obvious. and you need Windows to make it work. after you get a bootable thumb working you can copy over the contents of the Windows installer and it should just work.


the easiest way to get Windows to work on a Mac is to download one of the virtual machine tools from VMware, Parallels or Sun. all of those tools support rapid installs using an ISO (disk image), DVD, or CD.


Windows 7 and Boot Camp get along but the system requirements are specific. you need Snow Kitty and some hardware that isn't on this list. the thing with Boot Camp is that it doesn't support network installs, disk images, etc. you need a working DVD.

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