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AOL Mail question

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My partner's mother is 83 and eternally wedded to AOL. Her family members keep getting her cheap Windows desktops that end up getting corrupted, infected, etc. largely because she's on AOL DIALUP (for which she pays $30/mo) and doesn't get needed updates. I have suggested she get her Mom a 3G iPad since all she does is email, Facebook and some web surfing. I am unable to decipher AOL help files to see if she could keep her email account if she went to the free version of AOL. Does anyone have a definitive answer?


If that's possible, I can bring her desktop home and get it caught up and then just use it to backup the iPad.

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here's a long list of yes. sadly it did not reveal an AOL link.

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A long time ago I contacted AOL support to cancel my account, but I asked about keeping my AOL/AIM address since that was what I used in iChat at the time. Back then they offered my an "email only" account that ran $2.95/mo. I don;t know if it's still offered, but you could ask.

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