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Any suggestions on how to move my homepage.mac.com sites over to my web.mac.com space? I've backed up the entire contents of my iDisk one final time and I hope to view my old sites at the new location.


iTools - iDisk user since before Dirt and my biggest fear is that Steve will take away my mac.com email address and make us use the ridiculous "me.com".


Yikes! ... Chris

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If the sites are all contained within a single directory with an 'index.html' file at the root of the folder then you might have some success simply by moving their location on your iDisk. I don't think this will work with sites (Photo galleries, movie site, etc.) published using the online HomePage tools. It did work for some of my sites published directly to .Mac homepage from 3rd party tools. They were on my iDisk in the 'Sites' folder and I simply moved them to the 'Web/Sites' folder on the iDisk. Once at that location then going to the URL http://web.me.com/[mobilme username/[foldername] worked. For example...


If my MobileMe username was 'maccast' (it isn't BTW) and I had an old .Mac homepage site in a folder called 'MySite' the I did the following.


1) In iDisk moved the 'Sites/MySite' folder to 'Web/Sites/MySite'

2) In Safari typed the URL http://web.me.com/maccast/MySite


That worked as long as all paths on the site were relative and the folder contained an 'index.html' file. Note that if the site under .Mac homepage was protected that protection (I don't think) is maintained. I'm also not sure if you can re-set that protection.


For Migrating .Mac Homepage Photo Gallery pages you can try this article:



And for .Mac Homepage Movie Pages this article:



It's all kind of a big mess if you ask me, but I guess all in the name of progress.


Good luck.

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