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Tweet a PDF file on the iPhone

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I want to tweet a PDF file I received as a email attachment, is there a way to do that without using another device than the iPhone? I have Dropbox and Evernote, but is there a way to get the PDF to the public folder of Dropbox? Or is there another way to get this done?

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no. not unless you set up a server / script to deal with posting the attachment to a server where you can get a URL to link to.


on a Mac this is trivial to do:

open the email

open an FTP program then navigate to a folder you use for downloads

drag the attached file to the FTP program

open a browser to the url for your downloadable files.

copy the link.

tweet about it.


if you want to do it from a phone here are two examples of a PHP script that would extract the attachment, save it to a specific place then send you an email with the link:




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On a Mac with Dropbox it is even simpler, copy your file to the Public folder in the Dropbox folder and right-click to get the URL. From another forum I know now how to do it on the iPhone with GoodReader:


- In Mail, open the PDF in GoodReader

- In GoodReader, navigate to the 'Connect to Servers' section, and connect to Dropbox

- Find the Public folder and upload your PDF file

- In Dropbox, navigate to the Public folder and select the PDF file

- Copy the public link

- In your twitter client, write your tweet and paste the link


Job done! Well, it takes some steps, but it is at least possible...

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I think if I had to do this more than once or twice I would set up a server side tool for total automation.

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