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iPhoto locks up

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I have been having a lot of issues with iPhoto freezing or locking up. It's not the newest version but the one before. Says version 8.1.2 in the info window.

What happens is I'll be clicking through pictures simply to view them and after 3 to 5 pictures it freezes and I get the beach ball. Sometimes if I try to force quit it says "iPhoto Not Responding" other times not. But this is what I find interesting. I looked at CPU usage. When I'm browsing photos CPU usage is between 30% and 60%. When it freezes it's at 0%. The moment it unfreezes or starts responding again it shoots up. One time as high as 116%. How can it use over 100% of the CPU?

Any ideas?

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The first thing I'd suggest is to hold Command+Option while opening iPhoto. This should bring up a window which will allow you to rebuild the photo database among other things. Use this to do the basic library maintenance and see how that goes.


The Activity Monitor can show >100% CPU usage is that you have 2 cores which can each peg at 100%. It's a little confusing until you know.

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