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Back Up Ideas for 100GB +

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Hi folks, wasnt quite sure where to put this question but as its mostly to do with software here it is.


Its been a while since I passed through the forum but I have a problem and Im a little lost trying to find a solution.


Im a packaging designer, all the jobs I do I keep a) for my portfolio and B) its very very useful to have the images and elements from designs for other jobs. At home my system is on a 500gb harddrive which gets backedup by time machine, I then have another 2 1.5tb internal harddrives which backup to one another, to store finished work, music, movies etc. I also constantly carry around a 500GB small harddrive BUT I want to backup online as well.


At the moment I copy my work files onto my small hardrive take them home and put them onto my storage drive. Main problem is at home I have 2 copies but nothings offsite, my portfolio is my lively hood and whilst Ive got a backup of the work ive done at my current company that will only last as long as Im here so Id like to backup offsite too.


My main problems with that are are:


• In just over a year from work alone my files add up to around 100GB.


• I ideally want to backup my files from work and home, that way I get the use of a quicker internet connection at work (mines a little slow at home as its an old building with really bad cables).


• It would be cool if I could access the files from where I liked as well but thats not essential.


• I dont want to pay through the roof for this privilege.



The best option I have seen are dropbox and jungledisk. Also as Im using dropbox it stores the files on my computer here at work and space is limited, we have small harddrives as in theory we backup to the server. Do you know of any other options ???


Other than that:


I could use mozy, carbonite, backblaze etc but thats a pain as my internet at home isnt very good at all and I'll only ever be able to backup from home if I use them.


Has anyone got any ideas, opinions, alternative offline backup options, its a nightmare, mozy is $55 a year UNLIMITED but then for 100GB jungledisk is €216 a year, dropbox $240 thats a big difference.



As always thanks for any help in advance


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I recommend Crashplan for offsite backup. Unlimited offsite backup (Crashplan Central) for all your machines is $100 / year. If your bandwidth is an issue, you can run the initial backup to a hard drive and mail it to them.


Dropbox is great for syncing files across multiple computers, but their pricing structure rules it out as a massive backup solution.

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Looks perfect, cheers for the info. I looked at crashplan a few weeks back but didn't see that option. Sadly cant send a harddrive into them as I live in Spain but thats something Im more than happy to live with for $100.


I love dropbox, its the application that mobile me should have been, Im a mobile me subscriber and have been for years but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone as its just not reliable, even managed to get my post on the apple forum deleted and a little don't say bad things about apple email along with it because Id tried numerous times to send a 40mb file to someone (for work) and it wasn't working, imagine saying bad things about a service which is making you look unprofessional ! Just wanted to know why it wasn't working and when it would be fixed. Dropbox on the other hand worked and continues to works flawlessly.

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