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Replacement Batteries for MacBook

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My older 2008 black MacBook battery has really taken a beating. I didn't use it often as a laptop, and didn't cycle the battery like I should have as well. But besides it not holding a charge, it appears the plastic has severely warped to the point where it almost doesn't fit (I'll post pics upon request). It's no longer my main machine, and will be moved to work, but for ascetics sake (it doesn't lie flat), I was thinking about replacing the battery. Of course the official Apple replacement part is still $130. There are several off-brands on amazon.com for much less (with varying degrees of capacity, not sure how much my original is) as well as this one from OWC. Will any of these off-brand batteries be good enough? Or should I go the official Apple route?

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While I generally trust OWC, I have to advise against any third party batteries or power adapters. I have seen these used many times and it almost always ends in disaster. I can't state highly enough how much happier most of those customers would have been if they'd bought an official part in the first place.


I also have to say that if a battery isn't lying flat on the desk (on both sides) then it should be removed and no longer used. Damaged batteries (including any bulges, no matter how small) are potentially dangerous and should be treated as such.

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I haven't had the best experiences with 3rd party batteries. They don't hold a charge nearly as well as the Apple batteries, and often don't sit as securely in the MacBook. This is one situation were it's probably worth it to pay the extra for the Apple part.

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