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SIM swap?

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Can I take the SIM card out of one 3G (which is failing to charge up) and put it in a different 3G (which is currently not active) and make the 2nd iPhone active?

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1) sync the old phone with iTunes. this happens by plugging it into the Mac or PC it's used with currently.

2) in iTunes from the File menu select "Transfer Purchases from iPhone". although it won't say iPhone but rather the name of your phone like HuskerMan. this will sync any Apps that you downloaded using the iPhone AppStore. if you forget this step you can download purchases again as long as you remember all that you've bought or got for free.

3) remove the SIM card. you don't have to power down the phone to do this but you might as well.

4) put the SIM card in the other iPhone.

5) power on. it will do one of two things next: show the activation screen saying "plug into iTunes" or it will show a normal unlock screen.

6) plug the iPhone into the computer. click on the iPhone in iTunes. the Summary screen will appear. click "Restore iPhone" and follow the steps to erase it and copy your last Sync to it.


done. alomost.


on the 3G you will want to turn off Spotlight. that is unless you want to experience slower than slow.

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