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Know Tech for 2011

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after a leave of absence due to electrical problems I'm re-starting production of new content for Know Tech. what subjects would you like us to cover? I'm even open to totally new show ideas as well. we have a phone patch and a dedicated Skype computer so a live call in show is even possible.


two things to note:

1) we don't cover news.

2) a show is usually about one topic. it can be about anything: Windows, Mac, Linux, DIY, networking, OSS, CLI, AppleScript, photography, whatever. we'll even talk about Flight Simulators for an hour if it gets a request.

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First episode (project 365) was fun. It definitely has me thinking about it.


And, the concept can be applied to SO many endeavors.

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the concept of 365 is a good one. that is, do something small every day no matter what and eventually you have a whole pile of accomplishment. here's an example. a friend of mine has wanted to open his restaurant for as long as I've known him. last year he made it happen. but how he did it was important. he knew he needed around $100K so for five years every week $200 got shoved into an account. sometimes more got put there and but it was never less. time went by and then it was someday. you could use the same reflex to do other things. you could have a new Mac in just 8 weeks. or a new camera in 4.

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